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Available Consoles

  • SSL J 9080 $32K
  • Trident 80B with Uptown moving fader automation $23K
  • API Legacy 48 Channel $85K
  • API Vision 64 Channel $165K
  • Neve Vintage 24 Channel 53 Series Desk $75K
  • Neve VR 36 channel, recapped $25K
  • SSL 4040 G/G+  with Ultimation moving fader $38K
  • Neotek Elan 28 channel $7000
  • Audient 8024 24 Channel $10K

Sphere Alpha 2 Now in Production

Sphere 16 Channel All Discreet Alpha 2 Console

New Design: 16X8X2 Fully Loaded 16 Pre's and 16 900 Series EQ


The Fab 500 Series Mic Pre Tec Awards Nominee

Introducing the Sphere Recording Console’s Fab 500 series mic pre an all discrete designed unit fits in any 500 series rack. Sphere consoles have been used by artists like The Rolling Stones, Cheap Trick, Boston, Ryan Adams, Marvin Gaye, Lynyard Skynyard and many more.

Sphere recording consoles where these great pre’s originated and they are the exact replicas that John Hall designed for the original consoles.

Available for Order at $690 3 Year Warranty + Parts & Labor Money Back Guarantee

PayPal $690 to:
Fab 500

Sphere Fab 4 Limited Edition

Sphere Recording Console’s Fab 4: four-channel series mic pre, all-discrete unit with amazing sound. These great pre's originated at Sphere Recording Consoles and are exact replicas of the original consoles deigned by John Hall.

Limited Run of only 10 units. Order now!

Available for order at $1999 3 Year Warranty + Parts & Labor Money Back Guarantee

Paypal $1999 to:

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