Service & Repair

Service & Repair

In an effort to offer complete customer care Sphere Recording Consoles offers various technical services through our Technical Services department, including console repair, restoration, custom wiring, custom installation, and outboard gear repair.

Our technicians travel all across the US and internationally for custom installations. We’re the experts in studio installation and console commissioning. We offer complete restoration of vintage consoles including a true craftsman who can re-build any wooden frame and restore it to original beauty. (Or add a new twist!)

Vintage consoles require a considerable amount of special care to maintain their sonic quality. Often these consoles have operated for many years on their original components. As these components wear over a time there is a significant loss of sound quality and an eventual loss of functionality. A thorough and professional replacement of all these components can provide the original sound quality that made these old consoles so special. Aside from sounding great, a fully reconditioned console ensures dependability for the future.

The weakest points in a vintage recording console are the old Capacitors that have been running hot for any number of years. One of the most noticeable symptoms of worn or leaky caps is a thin sounding signal, lacking the punch and dynamic range that a healthy circuit portrays. The replacement of these Capacitors is one of the most beneficial upgrades for any vintage desk. As capacitors begin to wear, there is a very noticeable decrease in low frequency response. As time goes on, more and more frequencies roll off until finally the caps finally fail.

Have questions about repairs? Please give us a call at 615-260-0180!

Store Policies


Payment Methods:

We accept the following forms of payment.

Bank Wire: Bank details will be provided upon request. We cannot ship until bank wires have been confirmed. Please phone, fax, or e-mail us a copy of the wire transaction provided by your bank to speed up this process. (This is a very simple process, and our preferred form of payment. Please contact us if you need assistance).

Credit Card: *** NOTE *** We can only ship your order to the address to which the credit card is issued. Please be sure to provide your exact billing address and telephone number, which are the same as your credit card issuer has on file for you. Incorrect information will delay the processing of your order. In addition, you will have to sign for your package.

Fed EX: Specify your desired speed of shipment with your Sphere Recording Consoles sales representative.

Damaged Goods: Sphere Recording Consoles is not responsible for damage to equipment during shipment. Before signing for any delivery, examine all items for damage. If any damage is found, make certain the delivering agent notes the damage on the release form before signing. If goods have been damaged, please notify and make a claim immediately with the shipping courier (1-800-GO-FEDEX). Notify us once your claim has been processed and we will help expedite matters in any way possible. Always save the original carton in which products have been shipped.