New Consoles


Sphere Mini Me

12 channels

All discrete mic pres

500 series EQ’s and EQ slots

Sphere SPA 62 summing

2 aux and 2 cue

$19,900 with a 5 year warranty

The Roots – Tree Audio’s Full Featured 8 Channels/2 Buss Tube Hybrid Console – Call for Pricing

Description: All tube EQ and limiter on each channel 4 slots for 500 Series modules Vacuum tube regulated supply for all tube input modules INPUT MODULE FEATURES (FROM TOP TO BOTTOM) Meter Meter select (input, gain reduction, output) Pan Stereo buss switch (removes signal from stereo buss for direct out) Aux send 1 Aux send 2 Pre, off, post switch Lo Freq EQ – 50 Hz, 80 Hz, 100 Hz ,400 Hz Hi Freq EQ – 7K, 10K, 12K, 16K Gain reduction pot (limiter) Limiter switch (out, in , HPF) 250 HZ 12DB per octave Line, mic, mic reverse phase Pad switch (off, -10, -20) Mute, on , solo Big knob level pot METER BRIDGE Buss Master 1 & 2 Aux master 1 & 2 Talkback mic XLR Talkback level External Aux in 1 (mute, on, solo) External Aux in 2 (mute, on, solo) Monitor Source Select Speaker Select Big knob monitor level REAR PANEL Mic in, line in, direct out Phantom power switch (all modules and talkback mic) Master section ins and outs Control room monitor outputs If used as a direct out with no bussing, all pure transformers and tubes When use thru the bussing, Inward Connections SP690 all discrete blocks CALL OR EMAIL FOR PRICE


The Roots console is available in 8 channels or 16 channels, maximum.

Description: 8 or 16 channel max.  CALL OR EMAIL FOR PRICE


TOFT ATB 16, 24 , 32 – Call or Email for pricing

Description: The new Toft Audio Trident Series ATB 16, 24 , 32 Channel Mixers are based on the heritage begun with the original console designs by Malcolm Toft as managing director of Trident Audio Developments Ltd. Designed by Malcolm Toft’s circuits from the 70′s, these new units are ideal for project and professional studios alike.  CALL OR EMAIL FOR PRICE


TRIDENT SERIES 82 CONSOLES – Call or Email for price